STC Standard Membership

Strategic Tech Council Standard Membership provides great opportunities at no cost.

Opportunities abound...

Our standard membership is for those who simply want the opportunity to engage with our start-up sponsors, to occasionaly meet or hold discussion with fellow members, and stay informed through the Tech Council newsletter. The standard membership is free for all IT Leaders. We simply ask for a 30-45 minute call every six months to catch up with our members.

Early Design Partnerships

What better way to get the technology you need that solves your business challenge than to be introduced to it early. So early, in fact, the folks building it are happy to get your advice, guidance and product feedback. Imagine being able to help shape that product to better fit your business challenge. This is that opportunity – To learn about the latest tech being built and engage those start-ups as an early design partner.

Advisory Council Focus Groups

Often members engage as early design partners and often they also wish to be a part of a bigger dialogue. Our advisory council focus groups bring a number of members together with a startup or established company whose goal is to get our members up to speed and solicit product feedback and guidance. This forum is a great place to learn about new tech and expand professional networks; with both your fellow members and with that company’s leadership.

Member Connecting

The stronger your professional network, the better you are at your job. Our members strive to collaborate and having the opportunity to engage with your fellow member is key to an easier, happier job thought better decisions enabled by such collaboration.

Member Meetups

Be it the latest tech or the old favorites, we look to ensure our members have an opportunity to meet up during trade shows and conferences. From DockerCon to Gartner to VMWorld, we’ll send out a call for who is going and make arrangements for a meetup – The more we grow our professional network, the better we are at our jobs!

Staying Informed

Our monthly newsletter is geared to keep members informed about the latest trends and analysis. It highlights the analysis and webinars that are coming up. Finally, it is our way on showcasing new members, new sponsors and meetup opportunities at trade shows and conferences.