STC Premium Membership

Strategic Tech Council membership provides value across the entire IT-Vendor lifecycle.

Value throughout...

The goal of the Premium STC Membership is to provide our members with ground-level analysis and unprecedented access to start-up leadership and STC members who have been there and done that. There are plenty of other companies that provide analysis from one-hundred thousand feet and that view is good for IT Leaders. But, that perspective tends to favor the left-side of the lifecycle and has missing pieces critical to making a final decision on what product to implement and how. We live in well-processed vendor landscape; where quota driven sales, "marketecture" and exaggerated customer usage mask many facets of product maturity and feature parity to the competition – We strive to provide street-level value throughout the entire IT-Vendor lifecycle
All this value for only $1800 / year. (50% discount for govt/nonprofit)

Subject / Solution Analysis

Other companies do a good job of providing the 100,000-foot view of IT trends. We prefer to be your street-level view. With direct access to vendors and within our membership itself, we provide real-world use cases and analysis on current and upcoming technologies and trends.

Use Case Research

There is never enough time to do research – Not with all the IT projects, budgeting, staff management and fires to put out. A huge value we provide is doing the research for you; distilling countless web pages, reports and conversations into actionable intel.

Vendor Profiling

The best way to feel comfortable about new technology is to know the people who are actually making it. As you create your shortlist, we can bypass sales and get you direct access into the vendor’s product leadership. Not only for research, but image having that access when you want to press a new feature into roadmap.

Product Evaluation

Member collaboration and vendor product leadership engagement blends together to make for a smoother, faster product evaluation cycle.


Advice from members who have already negotiated with vendors you are engaged with often leads to a better outcome for you and your budget.


Imagine being able to collaborate with other IT Leaders who have already implemented the tech you are about to. Imagine how much easier that would be because of those conversations. That access is available to you and we’re happy to help broker those calls.